Morgana’s Handmaid

Morgana’s Handmaid is our third book published on the Indie Author site Smashwords. Launched on Valentines Day 2015, it is a full length Adventure Romance novel of about 141,770 words more or less.  It’s only $2.99 to purchase the complete book, but the first 20% of the book can be downloaded absolutely free!

Morgana's Handmaid Cover

A little old lady sitting on the front porch of her cottage out in the woods of Cornwall tells the story of growing up poor and destitute as a lowly peasant girl in Medieval England. As a young girl she was once beautiful and voluptuous, using her brains and often her own lovely body to make life a bit more tolerable – and occasionally quite fulfilling in the process. Nevertheless she sees her peasant existence as a dead-end life that she wants nothing to do with.

In her late teens however, she studies to be a seamstress, and when the village is visited by Princess Morgana, infamous half sister to the king of England, who is searching the countryside for female attendants to serve her at her brother King Arthur’s new castle Camelot, the young woman is the only lucky girl from her village chosen for the task.  At this point her fortunes seemingly change for the better.

Life in the castle is not quite what she expects though, and when she sees that her hopes and dreams of snaring a handsome young squire or minor knight to become her lover is likely never to become a reality, she gets involved in a rather sordid relationship with the dashing but unscrupulous Captain of the Guard. This clandestine affair leads indirectly to her undoing and she eventually finds herself accused by the good people of Camelot of being a witch.

Horrified at the fate which might befall her next, she is saved (essentially) by the wisdom and cleverness of none other than Merlin the Magician. Sent to the castle’s terrifying dungeon instead of being handed over to the evil Monks from the local Inquisition, she must find a way to survive and escape – even if the chances of doing so are all but hopeless. For she is now at the mercy of the terrifying creature who lives in the hellish depths of Camelot’s secret underworld in the caverns and caves below.

In this book we combined two racy short stories that King wrote to Caroline called Cave of the Ogres and its prequel Garden of the Gnomes.  Then we built a plot line around them to tell a sweeping tale of romance and vindication as well as adventure and exciting action drawing from the original tales of Malory’s Le Morte d’ Arthur.  Morgana’s Handmaid is thrilling and at times quite steamy.  A little more than just an old woman’s tale of life in the time of King Arthur, yet historically accurate for the time period in which it occurs.  We also took extra pains to keep the plot-line congruent with the original 1485 masterpiece by Sir Thomas Malory.  Arthur, Morgana, Lancelot, Guinevere…they’re all there and brought to life by a fictional eyewitness who both knew and served them personally.

You may click on this link:  Smashwords to download a sample to read, or visit our author page PurpleHazelBooks for details as well as information on our other two published works as well as upcoming works soon to be launched on Smashwords or Amazon.  Or you may simply click here Purple Hazel.  Please do, and feel free to contact us here on this blog or on our author website by clicking here Contact Purple Hazel.

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