Star Kitten


A barren far off planet called Rijel 12 is converted into a global prison by order of the Galactic Convention. The original proposal to turn a tiny mining operation there into the so-called “New Australia Planetary Prison” is sponsored as a bill proposed by the delegation from Earth; and it is initially vehemently opposed by several of the other planets in the Interplanetary Authority. However, greed and temptation work their magic and the proposal is finally accepted….

It becomes a death sentence however, for most all prisoners sent there to work in the mines. And after fifty years of desperation and abuse, stretched to the breaking point, the prisoners finally band together to revolt and overthrow their oppressors. In the process they create a brand new independent planet which soon thereafter produces the galaxy’s most fearsome space pirates.

Occasionally females from several different species are captured and brought back to the planet… but they are merely traded among the assorted prison gangs like nothing more than any other captured luxury good: consumed, enjoyed, then discarded. A young female named Felina Toyger from the planet Pumalar is taken during one of their biggest raids. She is a cat-like humanoid, standing over 6 feet tall, with striped fur and otherwise cat-like features, yet built anatomically very similarly to a human female in most every way. Trained as an Empath from an early age, she is skilled at reading the thoughts and feelings of most any male from any intelligent species, so she is quite quick to adapt to the sensual needs of any man, Pumalar, Schpleefti, Zorgolongian, or Porkonji. However, above everything else she possesses an uncanny ability to understand a creature’s deepest desires. She has become known throughout the galaxy as the “Star Kitten”….

Abducted from a space station called Star Pussy where she is working as an adult “entertainer” of sorts, she is taken to the pirate planet of Rijel 12, as the “special guest” of the captain who knows all about her fame. And there she ends up falling in love with the planet’s most powerful Chieftain – Solomon Mwanga. “Chief” Solomon, formerly President of a small African nation back on Earth, was once an African warlord who’d led a coup d’état in his home nation; but now he commands most of the pirate base operations from an underground cavern near the planet surface. Though a hard man and ruthlessly driven; he falls madly in love with the elegant she-cat. They marry… and go on to adopt an orphaned human girl.

Yet their happiness is soon to be violently interrupted by a planetary invasion force from the far off planet Earth – bent on retaking the planet Rijel 12 and eradicating all life there in the process. In a high stakes struggle for survival, the hardened souls of the former prison – now turned pirate planet – must find a way to fight off the superior technology and flamboyant arrogance of these greedy invaders from Earth. The lovely Felina must also rise up to not only lead her people in this desperate battle to repel the invader, but also save her adopted child and devoted husband from the hellish depths below the planet surface. In a relentless journey through nearly infinite underground battlefields filled with destruction and violent death, Felina and her adorable daughter Estrella, “the Star Baby”, search for their beloved Solomon….

Will he die a hero and leave them to survive alone? Or will they find him alive amidst all the chaos and horror below the forbidding planet surface?

Star Kitten was our first published full length novel!  Still the most popular, we keep finding new fans for it and it’s even popular with readers under thirty.  Subsequently, we’re developing a sequel for it called Star Baby which we’ll begin writing in 2017.  King really swung for the fences on this one and researched quite a bit of science and technology for the writing of this book, including volcanology, geology, and mining engineering of all things!  Luckily Colorado School of Mines is just up the road from us in Golden, Colorado.

Caroline of course gave the main character Felina Toyger her usual flair for sensuality and boundless sexuality.  And the story line is actually quite fascinating with dual plots converging into a single story about midway through the book.  You won’t get lost though.  Star Kitten is over 136,000 words and you’ll find it hard to log off your Kindle once it’s downloaded.

To date, we’ve got fans of the book as far away as Australia!  Inspiring us to write more Sci-Fi, we will shortly be embarking upon our next Sci Fi blockbuster Twin Paradox in a few months.  Star Kitten is available on Smashwords for $2.99 but the first 20% is offered for free just to sample it and see if you agree with us that this is a truly fascinating Sci Fi Adventure Romance.

You can learn more about Purple Hazel by clicking here:  Purple Hazel Author or visit our author site at Purple Hazel Books.  Read it!  Write a review if you like.  And there’s also a personal contact page on that site if you’d like to reach us directly.  We love hearing from fans, so don’t hesitate to send us a message….

For the honor!!!!

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