Spanish Posse to “launch” June 2016!

Hi Purple Hazel fans….  Great news!  Our new book “Spanish Posse” is about to be published.  It’s a Wild West Adventure Romance novel set in late nineteenth century Texas!

We finished it Saturday night and sent it off to our editor for electronic formatting.  The 400-page E-book will soon be available on our website … and also on AmazonKoboBarnes and Noble, and Smashwords in early June 2016!

In addition:  For fans of audio books, we’re recording an audio excerpt to post on iTunes as a free podcast.  Watch for a new post next month notifying fans when this podcast is available to download!

Here’s a synopsis of the book:

A young Catholic Priest is sent to hear the Confession of a dying man who lives in an old townhouse in the New Orleans French Quarter in 1902.  However, before making the trek from St. Louis Cathedral to the Vieux Carre, members of the church warn him about the elderly man’s much younger wife who it turns out has quite the reputation around town.

Upon arrival at the home, the priest ultimately finds the frail and decrepit fellow, who is apparently at death’s door, lying in bed receiving his daily shot of morphine. Yet despite the man’s woeful condition he becomes rather animated and jovial as the drugs take effect and then proceeds to detail for the young priest the amazing tale of how he originally met and fell in love with his lovely wife of thirty years.

What follows is a fascinating story of how the withering old man – when he was thirty-eight years old back in 1872 – meets a beautiful woman of merely twenty-two who is working as a saloon girl in a seedy brothel out in Fort Worth, Texas.  Controlled both physically and emotionally by the evil saloon keeper, who is also secretly quite smitten with her, the young lady is fearful of ever trying to leave the place and follow her dreams of someday making it on to New Orleans.

Continually put down and viciously mocked by the owner of the bar whenever she speaks of trying to better herself, she has nevertheless always imagined much more out of life than just a filthy saloon in a dusty cow town along the old Chisholm Trail.  She falls in love with the dashing businessman from Louisiana and the two decide to make their escape, knowing full well the potential consequences of defying her cruel boss, and provoking the evil man to eventually pursue them halfway across Texas to try and recapture his “best girl” before she makes it across the state line.

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Spanish Posse is a sweeping erotic adventure romance novel about how true love conquers all…even when beset by seemingly insurmountable challenges. Fans of Purple Hazel will especially appreciate this, our fourth full length novel, because it was actually written four years ago by King and based on the early days of our relationship – falling in love and the challenges we faced to finally be together.  Thus, characters and scenes in the book are based on real people and real events from our own lives.

We chose Fort Worth, for instance, because that is my ((Caroline’s) hometown and we chose to end the story in New Orleans because both of us simply adore the city. Spanish Posse is also historically accurate – that is we went to great pains to research technology and even language and speaking styles of the day to make especially sure the story fits well with the realities of life in the Old West.

Watch for a new post in a few days announcing our book launch as well as updates on our coming FREE PODCAST on Apple iTunes!


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