Spanish Posse is on Smashwords

Spanish Posse is published now on Smashwords!

We’re delighted to announce Spanish Posse (a book four years in the making) is finally available for download on Smashwords.  Initially it will be available in E-book format and offered on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Kindle.

Set in Nineteenth Century Texas, Spanish Posse is a full-length Action Adventure Romance novel with mature/adult themes which details the story of a brave but rather sinful man and the young woman he falls in love with – amidst the backdrop of all the violence and unbridled passions of the American Wild West.

A young priest is told to visit an aging and dying man whom the head priest claims has been a long-time loyal benefactor to the church.  Not having long to live, the old man is no longer able to travel to attend Mass, the old priest tells him, and thus the young man is assigned with visiting his home to hear his Confession and if need-be perform last rites on the fellow when he passes away.

Initially glad for the opportunity to get out of the hot cathedral for the afternoon, the priest soon meets up with not only the old gentleman, but also his lovely, much younger wife who is said to have quite the reputation around town.  Invited to stay for lunch, the young priest gets the experience of a lifetime hearing the amazing tale of how the two first met, and discovers quite a bit about not only himself but also the wonder and power of devotion and true love from this aging couple who divulge the secret of their long happy marriage, and along with it, just what all they had to go through to be together.

Spanish Posse is a saga that spans 300 pages of action, suspense, steamy love scenes, bloody violence and sexual depravity that will entertain and shock the reader with stories of lust, greed, jealousy, vengeance – and in the end – the ultimate conquest of true love over seemingly insurmountable challenges.  This is the fourth book from Purple Hazel (Caroline and King Medlin) from Denver, Colorado.

You may download a sample of the book by going to our Smashwords page and selecting this or any of our other books.  They’re on sale for $2.99 and each comes with the first few chapters free to sample at no cost.

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