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The Story of Purple Hazel!

Cowboy wedding kiss
      Hi and welcome to Purple Hazel’s blog site!  We’re King and Caroline from Denver and we write Adventure Romance novels.  Of course like many husband/wife writing teams, there’s likely a powerfully romantic and scintillating story behind our thrilling story-writing.  Actually there is!

We actually met in a karaoke bar….

It came to pass one chilly Colorado night when it was Caroline’s last day teaching elementary school for the year and she was looking forward to a good long summer break.  May 31, 2012 it was to be precise.
     She was all dressed up and ready to go out on the town; but first intended to go meet some friends at a local bar where she knew the DJ.  And King?  Well, he was pretty much a regular at that place already.
The rest was quite simple really.  King entered the bar and found Caroline sitting there all dressed up – and while we’re at it, lookin’ darn pretty.  She caught his eye immediately as he strode in from the parking lot.  Having just come from the gym, King found a seat near her and when their eyes met he could tell: she was clearly interested.
     After that, with King sitting there trying to think up a decent, workable, opening line, fate played its own part in the form of a very inebriated woman who staggered up and boldly proclaimed that the two of us should meet. “Caroline,” she said. “I think this guy’s your type.  And King…you definitely need to meet Caroline.” she slurred, then stalked away amidst the glow of neon lights to go order another beer.  That was apparently just the impetus we needed.
     Within moments we were laughing  happily and moving our chairs together; and that’s the way we stayed for at least the next two hours in fact – talking and laughing and chatting about anything and everything ‘til nearly closing time.
That was on a Thursday night. Our first real date was the following Saturday.  By the following weekend we were dating exclusively; and that July we even flew to Vegas together for a romantic getaway!  While there by the way, we rarely ever left the hotel room.  By the following January we were engaged and moving in together.  By December of the following year…we were married.
     As King describes it, “I met her on a Thursday and by the following Tuesday I was deleting other women’s numbers from my phone. Come the following Friday I boldly told her I was ‘running my ship aground and setting it afire.’ My journey and my quest were at an end. She was the one, I had no doubt about it in my mind.”
     Caroline describes it just slightly differently however.  “I actually tried two other times to get his attention but failed to snare him,” says Caroline.  “He’d been at the same bar two other times when I’d been there and once I even tried jumping in front of him to dance.  Even that didn’t work.  Then one night he walked in and looked like he was finally interested so we sat and talked. Even then I just figured he’d be nothing more than a fling.  But he kept on calling…kept coming back to see me…then finally, well, he just wouldn’t leave.”
     While we were dating, King wrote erotic short stories to Caroline; and that’s basically how it all got started.  One of them evolved into a book, “Spanish Posse”, which became our first full length novel, with King writing chapters and Caroline editing.  That’s still how we do things today actually.  We have a professional editor who pretty much takes it from there, but we personally select all our own cover art.
“Spanish Posse” developed as a Wild West adventure romance loosely based on our relationship and all the challenges we faced as well as obstacles we had to overcome to be together.  It’s still King’s favorite and fortunately we’re editing it again right now for a possible spring 2016 release!  To date we’ve written eight novels including Spanish Posse, Star Kitten, Morgana’s Handmaid, The Wild Fields, Free Company, Suzie and Max, Man After Midnight, and Missionaries.  Three of these have been published already and the other six will be edited and released over the next year or so.  Plus a ninth novel is in the works for 2016 called Twin Paradox, along with a sequel to Star Kitten called Star Baby slated for late 2017.
      King is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where he received his Bachelors Degree. Caroline is a graduate of the University of North Texas and also holds a Masters Degree in Library Science from the University of Wisconsin.  We live in Denver along with our stepson Aaron as well as King’s daughter Candace who is a freshman at CU and his grown son King III who works in Boulder.

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